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3rd Edition

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Business Factory Auto (BFA) is an initiative promoted by the Xunta de Galicia through the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), the Galician Institute for Economic Development (IGAPE) and the Collective Investment Undertakings of the Closed-End Type (Xesgalicia); the Free Trade Zone Consortium of Vigo (CZFV) and Vigo Activo Sociedad de Capital Riesgo, S.A (VIGO ACTIVO); the Galician Automotive Companies Cluster Foundation (CEAGA) and the Groupe PSA. Its objective is to accelerate and consolidate specialised projects in the automotive industry and to transform them into viable and scalable innovative companies that attract and retain talent; thereby contributing to strengthening the position of the sector and increasing its international projection.

It is deployed along three strategic axes focused on boosting entrepreneurial culture, development of an open innovation ecosystem and promotion of the business fabric, in order to become a reference for advancement of open and disruptive innovation in the automotive industry. To that end, it has achieved the leadership of the industry and the support of the agents needed to consolidate an innovation ecosystem within the automotive sector in Galicia.

The objective of the rules described herein is to establish the terms and conditions of the programme and to inform about the characteristics of the same.

Differentiating features of the BFA

Resources made available for projects

BFA coworking space

The project participants can situated at the installations that BFA facilities to them. This coworking area helps to the creation of an environment that lead to the good development of the project. Individual rooms are also available for all projects to hold individual meetings.

BFA training

The Business Factory Auto program has got training sessions in which the members of the projects will be able to soak up everything necessary on the culture of the automotive sector. The training will be imparted by independent experts with proven experience in the automotive industry who will try to guide to your team and your project to the achievement the desired results with the application of their knowledge.


Each project will have the support of a tutor related to the automotive sector through which BFA's interlocution and attendance will be canalized. You will also have access to mentors with relevant experience to help you with project orientation.


Sharing BFA coworking space with other independent entrepreneurs, tutors and trainers helps to create a vibrant atmosphere of knowledge sharing and joint collaborations. BFA organizes events and meetings where you will meet professionals with much to contribute to your project.


BFA offers very advantageous financing for participating projects.

Direct contact with the Galician Automotive Sector

Business Factory Auto is the gateway to the automotive industry. The participation in the BFA program can help your company / project to develop and give it a greater visibility to reach or get to contact with the OEM and TIER companies of automotive sector. BFA is also a tool where your project stays in contact with other projects related to the automotive industry of Galicia.

BFA Resources

Program Phases

BFA Program Phases


The registration period or call phase will start since the publication of the call opening on the BFA website and it will last up to 3 months. Entries received after the deadline or by a different means than the one authorized for the registration of projects will not be admitted in the program.

When the registration period ends the evaluation and selection period of the projects will be begun, this period will also have a maximum duration of 2 months.

Before starting the Acceleration or Consolidation Phase the project promoters will have a period of approximately one month for bringing all documentation as well as the contract signed and other previous activities (transfer of society and equipment, etc.).

Shown below, those projects which are selected for the acceleration phase and the consolidation phase will begin their corresponding programs.

Deadlines and final dates will be published on the BFA website.

Financing conditions

The funding proposed by the management will be a combination of the following types:

In the acceleration phase

In the consolidation phase

The maximum deadline to submit the funding request to Xesgalicia through the BFA program will be 6 months from the start of the consolidation phase. The funding provided in this programme is compatible with aid from other national or international public administrations, agencies or public or private entities, and cannot, either individually or jointly with other grants, aids, income or resources, exceed the cost of the activity financed or the maximum limits of public financing

In the case where the project had obtained funds from XesGalicia, the financing will have to be approved by the Xesgalicia Investment Committee and the Board of Directors.

In case of leaving, failure to comply with the acceleration / consolidation program or the mentor's report is unfavourable about the development of the project, XesGalicia and / or Vigo Activo will have a right to not make the outstanding disbursements, as well as to resolve the loan provided that it is inferred from that report a negative evolution of the development of the project in the terms presented to XesGalicia and / or Vigo Activo and that served as a basis for the granting of this funding.

Eligibility criteria for projects

Evaluation criteria

Applications received will be mainly considered based on the team and the project. Seed projects that opt for the acceleration phase will have a weight of 60% for team and 40% for project, while early stage projects that opt for the consolidation phase will have a weight of 40% for team and 60% for project. In particular, the following aspects will be taken into account:

Acceleration Consolidation
Team Evaluation Criteria 60% 40%
Competences, knowledge and experience in the automotive industry or Project application area
Adequacy and complementarity of the training and experience of the team to the needs of the project
Commitment, motivation and dedication of entrepreneurial team
Risk assumed by the promoting entity / promoter team
Project Evaluation Criteria 40% 60%
Degree of innovation, understood as the scientific, technological or knowledge base on which the project is based, as well as the capacity of the differentiating attributes that incorporates the value proposition to be winners.
Degree of acceleration or ability for developing the Minimum viable product during the Program and as well as running the Project.
Degree of scalability or potential for growth and generating economies of scale.
Ability to consolidate in the market and generate recurring income.
Socio-economic impact: viable initiative that can contribute to the dynamization of the business fabric.
Match any of the thematic identified as of "special interest" (Annex IV)

In the case of spinn-outs / spin-offs it will be ensured that the compromise of companies or universities/ technological centers with the project and the team.

Minimum requirements

General commitments

The general commitments of the projects are as follows:

Requirements of projects in the consolidation and acceleration phases


Projects cannot be submitted in the following cases:

Given that information exchange will be performed during the different phases of the programme, it is important to clarify use of the same and the ensuing responsibilities.

Acceptance of the Rules

Participation in the call implies the acceptance of these rules without reservations or conditions, as well as of any ensuing decisions.

If during the development of the programme, any member from any of the participating teams is found to default on the commitments signed in the Affidavit, then in such cases, the Executive Committee will reserve the right to demand compliance with the same, and in case of non-rectification, proceed to exclusion of the applicant.

Therefore, projects will be subject to continuous evaluation in all phases of the programme and any party that defaults the requirements, obligations and milestones established may be excluded from the same after a prior reasoned report from the Executive Committee of the programme. The party will consequently lose the benefits derived from the same

Furthermore, BFA reserves the right to cancel, modify or discontinue any aspect or criterion of the call and selection process.

The commitments arising from the acceptance of these rules will come into effect on the date of acceptance of the same and will remain in force for five years after the call deadline for proposals.


Applicants will be responsible for all damages, direct or indirect, caused or which may be caused due to default of these rules, and shall hold harmless programme managers from any responsibility in this regard, without exception.

Hence, applicants will be responsible for any default of third party rights during its participation in this call’s programme and shall indemnify the affected third parties and, where appropriate, indemnify programme managers for any damage or injury caused and claimed in court or out of court, and shall expressly include the fees of the professionals participating in the proceedings ensuing from default of the obligations described in these rules.

Intellectual property

A minimum requirement set out in the terms and conditions herein is to possess, if applicable, the intellectual property right of the idea/project submitted, or have the appropriate permission to use the same.

All applicants shall guarantee that the content in their presentation is their original creation and does not violate any right, including intellectual property rights of third parties and that the content is not illegal, nor was it created by breaching contractual obligation with a third party.

Information provided by the applicant must be correct, true and complete, and the applicant shall bear full responsibility for any inaccuracies. Otherwise, BFA will have the right, without prejudice to any other legal means, to remove, refuse or suspend the rights granted to the applicant in these rules.

Participants expressly authorise programme managers to use their trade name and image in promotional materials related to this call, and shall not receive any consideration in return. By submitting the application, the applicant agrees that the application document has been submitted voluntarily.

The applicant accepts that programme managers can decide on aspects related to the call, as well as the final selection of projects under the programme. Applicants also acknowledge that even if their project is selected, the programme managers are not obliged to fully implement the programme.

Disclosure of Information

Participants consent to the use of the basic project data for the evaluation processes referred to in the rules.

Likewise, acceptance of these rules authorises the sponsor entities to use the logo, name of the project, or any other type of audio-visuals developed or recorded during the course of the programme, in all dissemination and communication activities that they consider fit, irrespective of the means or format used.

BFA shall keep confidential the contents of all ideas and projects submitted to this call and all data and information of any kind provided by the applicant, and furthermore undertakes not to use them for purposes other than those related to this document.


All notifications relating to the development of the programme will be published on BFA’s website ( and will be available for consultation at the offices of CEAGA, in Vigo. Any other individual notification will be communicated via email or phone to the applicant at the email address or phone number provided at the time of project registration on the website, or others subsequently provided by the principal promotor of the project for this purpose.

Protection of personal data

In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law no 15/1999 of 13 December, 1999, on the protection of personal data, applicants are informed that the personal data provided by them will be incorporated in files kept by each of the sponsors: Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN) with CIF Q-1500386-F; Instituto Galego de Promoción Económica (IGAPE) with CIF Q-6550010-J; Xesgalicia Sociedad Gestora de Entidades de Inversión de Tipo Cerrado, S.A.U. (Xesgalicia) with CIF A-15.674.203; Fundación Cluster de Empresas de Automoción de Galicia (CEAGA) with CIF G-36.983.575; Peugeot Citroën Automóviles España, S.A. (PSA) with CIF A-36.602.837; Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo (Zona Franca) with NIF V-36.611.580; Vigo Activo Sociedad de Capital Riesgo, S.A. (Vigo Activo) with CIF A-36.759.231.

Sponsors will process such data exclusively to evaluate and assess the projects presented, manage participation in the programme and to disseminate and publicly promote the same. They will not collect, use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those described above, unless participants consent to the same or is legally required.

Participants therefore provide consent that the images recorded during the term of the programme, as well as their personal data, be made public through the means that the sponsors deem fit. Participants undertake to previously obtain the necessary authorisations required by law when providing third party data, and to exonerate the BFA sponsors and their representatives from all responsibility in the event of any claims made by a third party.

Participants may exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose as provided for in the law, by contacting through any means that can demonstrate both remittance and receipt of letter, to the Axencia Galega de Innovation, Rua Airas Nunes s/n, Conxo, 15702 Santiago de Compostela; Instituto Galego de Economic Promotion, Administrative Complex San Lázaro s/n, 15703 Santiago de Compostela; Xesgalicia Sociedad Gestora de Entidades de Inversión de Tipo Cerrado, S.A.U., San Lazaro s/n, Edificio IGAPE, 15703 Santiago de Compostela; Fundación Cluster de Empresas de Automoción de Galicia, Avda. Citroen, 3 y 5, Edificio Zona Franca 1ª Planta, 36210 Vigo; and Centro de Vigo del Grupo PSA, Avda. Citroën 3 y 5, 36210 Vigo. However, cancellation of data or opposition to the abovementioned authorisations shall be construed as renouncement to their participation in the programme.


The Executive Committee and participants in the programme agree to be subject to the application of Spanish law for the interpretation and enforcement of these rules.

Any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of the present document will be resolved directly by the parties, for which they undertake, in good faith, to put in their best efforts to reach a mutually agreed solution to their disputes, in response to the joint intention expressed in the same, within a maximum of fifteen (15) working days from the date on which either party provided written notice to the other in respect of any claim, and the lack of response on the part of the other party shall not affect the period mentioned above.

Any dispute, controversy or claim which may arise from this document or its interpretation that cannot be resolved in accordance with the preceding paragraph, and others arising from non-compliance, termination or invalidity, shall be settled by arbitration, conducted in the city of Vigo. The arbitration award shall be final and not subject to appeal, and the parties waive any available remedy against the same.


Annex I:

Regulation of the conditions of the grants to be granted by the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN) to the selected projects for the incorporation to the Acceleration Phase.

The collaboration agreement signed between the Instituto Galego de Promoción Económica (IGAPE), Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN), XESGALICIA, Sociedad Gestora de Entidades de Inversión de Tipo Cerrado, S.A.U (Xesgalicia), Fundación Cluster de Empresas de Automoción de Galicia (CEAGA), Peugeot Citroën Automóviles España S.A, Consorcio da Zona Franca de Vigo (Consorcio), Vigoactivo Sociedad de Capital Riesgo de Régimen Simplificado, S.A. (Vigoactivo) for starting an entrepreneurship focus in the automotive industry of Galicia (Business Factory Auto – BFA); previses the concession of a grant by GAIN to those projects that are selected for its incorporation to the Acceleration Phase.

The beneficiaries could be established companies that meet the requirements in advance indicated in the sections 2ª and 3ª of article 9 of the LEY 9/2007, de 13 de junio, Gallega de subvencines.

Amounts of Grants

The total amount to concede by GAIN is a maximum of 250,000 € to distribute between the 10 selected projects for its incorporation on the Acceleration Phase.

Eligible expenditure

The expenditure that can be eligible will be the following:

When the eligible expenditure amount exceeds the stabilised amounts for the minor contracts in the consolidated text of the Ley de contratos del sector público, approved by Real Decreto Legislativo 3/2011, de 14 de noviembre; the beneficiary should apply for as minimum to 3 offers from different suppliers, previously to the contract agreement, unless, for its especial characteristics there are not in the market a sufficient number of suppliers, or unless the expenditure incurred were previously to the grant application.

The Xunta de Galicia will finance those grants through the provided mechanisms in the legal system, which will be an indispensable condition for its concession that the projects meet with legal requirements to be selected.

Obligations of the beneficiaries

Without prejudice to the other stablished conditions in the article 11 of the Ley 9/2007, de 13 de junio, de subvenciones de Galicia, the beneficiaries of provided grants are obliged to:

  1. Give back the provided grant when the project do not comply the participation conditions in the Business Factory Auto, recollected in this Bases.
  2. Provide the information which can be requested by the Intervencion General de la Comunidad Autónoma, by Tribunal de Cuentas and by the Consejo de Cuentas in the exercise of their functions of audit and control of the destination of the subsidies; and they must submit to the verification procedures to be carried out by the said bodies related to financial control and other applicable; As well as those carried out by the granting body; And where appropriate, those of the managing authority and, where appropriate, the financial services of the European Commission and the European Court of Auditors, and to provide all the information required in the exercise of the previous actions.
  3. Communicate to the provide administration the concession of grants, subsidiaries, income or resources that finance the subsidiary activities. That communication will be effectuated as soon as it knows, on the other hand, previously to the justification of the application given to the funds received.
  4. Justify, in cases where the amount of the eligible expenditure exceeds the amounts established in the consolidated text of the Ley de Contratos del Sector Público, approved by Real Decreto Legislativo 3/2011, de 14 de noviembre, for the minor contract; The solicitation of at least three offers from different suppliers, prior to the contracting of the commitment for the work, provision of the service or delivery of the good, unless for its special characteristics there are not enough in the market of entities that perform them, Provided or provided, or unless the expenditure was made prior to the grant application, in accordance with what is established in section 3 of article 29 of said Law, in the wording given to it by the second final provision of the Law 2/2013, of February 27, of general budgets of the Autonomous Community of Galicia for the year 2013.

Payment conditions

Within the provisions of the articles 31.6 of the Ley 9/2007, de 13 de junio, subvenciones de Galicia and in the articles 62 & 63 of Reglamento of development of this law; advance payments may be made, as a necessary financing to carry out the actions inherent to the grant, being the same to the development of the projects that are selected for their incorporation to the Acceleration Phase, according to With the following distribution:

  1. First payment: it can pay until a maximum of 80% of amount destined to each one of selected projects, in advance form and previously application. That application shall be submitted under the conditions set out in this annex.
  2. Final payment and justification thereof: The remaining amount allocated to each of the selected projects will be paid after the request and justification under the conditions set out in this document. The release of this payment will require the GAIN compliance and the proof of presentation of the remaining documentation. As a complement to the above mentioned documentation, GAIN will receive the report of the appointed tutor by the Management Team, in which the adequacy of the expenses and the planned events or activities in the development of the Program is verified and validated.

For this 3rd edition, the individual agreements with Gain will be signed at the beginning of 2019, therefore only expenses can be imputed from said signature.

Guarantee scheme

The article 65 of Decreto 11/2009, de 8 de enero, where it is approved the Reglamento de la LSG, establishes the obligation to the beneficiaries and collaborated entities, the guarantee constitution in the cases where it provides the possibility to make advance payments.

In the present agreement is established the advance payment up to 80% of the project financing, 10 as maximum, selected for its incorporation to the Acceleration Phase.

Considering that the aim pursued with this advance is to give support to the different projects, facilitating the formalization or building of them in companies and reducing the economic burden borne by any newly created company, both in its origins and in the beginning of its activity; Exemption from the provision of a legal guarantee, in accordance with the provisions of article 67 of the Reglamento of the LSG, regarding the authorization by the Consello da Xunta of the exemption from the obligation to provide guarantees.

Alteration or change in performances

The needs to change the actuations to do when there are any alteration in the conditions considered previously, this will give rise to the provided grant modification. In any case, only it will make some modification after a favourable inform from Committee Executive.

The approbation process for any alteration in the actuations will start with the application by the interested party, in that application has to indicate the scope of the proposed modification, in such a way as to clarify the actions to be modified and the development of the project. That application will be presented in the register of Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN), the said register is in Plaza de Europa, 10-A. 6ºB, CP 15707, Santiago de Compostela.

Alter this application, GAIN proceeds to gather the cited favourable inform or approval of the Committee Executive.

One this is done, GAIN will approve, in its case, the proposed modification. That if it proceeds it will formalize in the corresponding document.

Compatibility with others subsidiaries or grants

Those grants will be compatible with other established by that agency or another Public Administration, organization or public or private entity, national or international for the same purpose without, in any case, isolated or in concurrence with other subsidies, aid, income or resources exceeds the cost of the subsidized activity.

However, everything said before and the entities whose projects were previously subsidized and/or financed by GAIN or/and XesGalicia within any another acceleration program or financing they will be excluded of the financial assistance to be granted under this agreement.

Applicable regime and reimbursement

These grants or subsidiaries will be subject to the provisions of Law 9/2007, de 8 de enero, by which its regulation is approved, as well as the basic regulations of Law 38/2003, of November 17, General of Grants and its Development Regulation, approved by Royal Decree 887/2006, of July 21.

It will proceed to the partial or total refund of received funds in the case of breach of the conditions established for its concession in the terms provided for in the Title II of the Ley 9/2007, de 13 de junio, de subvenciones de Galicia.

At the same way it will proceed to the refund (partial or total) in the breach case or misuse of acceleration by any of the 10 projects selected in the final phase, which should be reflected in a sufficiently motivated report.

They will be subjects equally to the mínimis regime stablished in the Reglamento (EU) nº 1407/2013 of the European Commission, of 2003 December 18, related to the application of the articles 107 & 108 of Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union on minimum aid (Official Journal L352 / 1 of 24 December 2013).

Documentation to be submitted for the application for payment of the planned payments

The documentation will be presented in the registry of the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN), the mentioned registry is in the Plaza de Europa, 10-A, 6ºB, CP 15707 of Santiago de Compostela.

With the justified documentation related in this annex, the beneficiary must present a statement of the set of aids received by the company in terms of minimis during the previous two fiscal years and during the current fiscal year.

Supplementary statement of the requested aid, both approved or granted and pending resolution, for the same project, the competent public administrations or their related or dependent entities, as well as private entities.

  1. Required documentation for the first payment

    The beneficiary must present the following documentation:

    1. Payment request.
    2. TIN (tax identification number) / Passport.
    3. Certification of the financial institution relative to the ownership of the account where the payment is to be made, including the company name and TIN (tax identification number), as well as the international bank account code (IBAN) or the international bank identification code (BIC / SWIFT).
    4. Certification of being aware of the State Tax Obligations, with the Autonomous Community and Social Security. These certifications must be updated with the request for final payment, in the event that they were not in force at the time of the request.

    This application must be submitted together with another required documentation, within the established deadlines, which will be conditioned to the dates of each call and which will be communicated to the participants at the beginning of the acceleration phase.

  2. Documentation to presenter in the final payment

    After completion of the different phases of the Program, the beneficiary must submit for the payment of expected amount in the third clause, according to the financing of activities related to the execution of selected projects for its incorporation into the Acceleration Phase:

    1. Payment request.
    2. TIN (tax identification number) / Passport (in the case that beneficiary is other)
    3. Certifications of being aware of the State Tax obligations, with the Autonomous Community and with the Social Security, in the case that those presented at the time of the application for payment of the advance were not in force.
    4. In the case of being exempt of paying the VAT (Value Added Tax).
    5. Letter of payment referred to in Article 48.2 g) of Decreto 11/2009, de 8 de enero, approving the Reglamento de la Ley de Subvenciones de Galicia, related to the reimbursement of unapplied remnants, as well as the interests derived from them; required in the cases in which previse the possibility of possibility of granting advances.
    6. Report justifying actions: it will be justified the fulfillment of the conditions imposed in the granting of the subsidy, indicating activities carried out and objectives achieved. The beneficiary may submit any other documentation or material that it deems necessary to present for a better justification of the subsidized actions. This report will justify both the actions carried out with charge to the advance collected, as well as those relating to the collection of the remaining amount.
    7. Economic justified report: it will be justified the cost of activities performed through:
      1. Classified relationship of the expenses and investments in the start up of the project, with identification of the creditor and the document, its amount, date of issue and, if applicable, date of payment.
      2. Justification of expenses incurred: originals or certified copies of invoices and documents of equivalent probative value in commercial legal traffic or with administrative efficiency incorporated in the relationship referred to in the previous paragraph issued within the annuity that corresponds in the respective call.
      3. Justification of payments made: bank transfer, original bank certification or payment statement. In these documents must be clearly identified the receiver, the issuer and the concept of payment. No cash payments accepted.

    The presentation of the required documentation must be done within the deadlines established by GAIN.


In relation to the possibility of subcontracting, beneficiaries must submit an express declaration that the persons or entities contracted and / or subcontracted for the subsidized activities are not related to it, in accordance with article 27.7 of Ley 9/2007, de 13 de junio, de subvenciones de Galicia y en su Reglamento.

Anexo II:

Documentation to be submitted to Vigo Activo for financing of each one of projects in the Acceleration Phase

Documentation of the Business plan that contains:

Financial documentation:

Legal documentation:

The name of Vigo Activo may not be used for other financing that may be requested for the project, unless this is expressly authorized by Vigo Activo, which is exempted, in any case, from the consequences of not financing the project, whatever the cause.

Annex III:

Documentation to be submitted to XesGalicia for financing of each one of projects in the Acceleration or Consolidation Phase

1) Identification of contact people

2 ) Business plan:

3) Financial documentation:

4) Legal documentation:

All documentation or information necessary for the knowledge and correct understanding of the Business Plan or the legal economic situation of the company may be requested.

The Business plan documentation must be submitted in galician or spanish, the amounts in euro and it shall be signed by the company legal person.

The financial and legal documentation in the case that are not in galician or spanish shall be translated by a sworn interpreter.

The name of XesGalicia may not be used for other financing that may be requested for the project, unless this is expressly authorized by XesGalicia, which is exempted, in any case, from the consequences of not financing the project, whatever the cause.

Annex IV:

Temáticas principales BFA

The special interest thematics for the BFA third edition are the following:

  1. Full sensorisation solutions for old facilities through low cost and company customised sensorisation, with Arduino or another similar platform.
  2. Low-cost “Pick and Place” robotization solutions, with identification of components and “Plug & Play” robotization solutions, by means of multipurpose claws. Flexible robotization of easy integration and configuration.
  3. Real-time monitoring solutions, through the interconnection of machines (robots, welding machines, drill-drivers or other equipment) and factory mapping, with real-time vision of problems, activating the corresponding alarms to work in a preventive way.
  4. Automation on defects detection (appearance defects, geometric control, flatness control, components presence control, etc.) through intelligent artificial vision systems, with self-learning and self-correction systems as well as self-regulation in lightning systems, which apart from observing what it is happening may adapt their vision patterns to the different lightning conditions or environment.
  5. Automated systems implementation for the movement of materials (inside the warehouse, in the way from the warehouse to the production lines, supply to lines/posts, etc.).
  6. Big Data. Integration of information systems and necessary infrastructure from data collection, processing and data robustness, to decision making.
  7. Augmented/Virtual Reality Solutions for processes of machines interaction (flat access machines), installations (electrical, pneumatic, etc.) or training processes (PRL, work methods, etc.).
  8. Proposals for the solid-state batteries technology addressed to electric vehicles.
  9. Artificial intelligence solutions for the autonomous vehicle in the areas of algorithm security, which use neural networks for automated driving tasks, and new concepts of neural networks for an advanced functional conception (Spiking, FPGA, etc.).
  10. Artificial intelligence solutions for personal assistants, which improve the use of the vehicle including the materialization of this assistance (holographic avatars).
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