"The financing of the BFA will be dedicated to the manufacture of the prototypes and to the realization of the tests"


Interview with Rodrigo Cabaleiro, Project Manager at Cablerías Energy BB, who participates in the first edition of Business Factory Auto (BFA). 

What specifically does your project consist of?

Our project is divided in two independent projects that are carried out at the same time. The first one consists of the prototype development of Busbar, copper conductors for the electric and hybrid vehicle conduction. The second one consists of the prototype development of aluminum batteries of thick section.

What innovation brings the technology incorporated in the project to the Galician Automotive Sector?

In the case of Busbar, that technology offers an alternative and a new optimized electrical distribution for the packs of batteries in the new generations of electric and hybrid car, which are produced in Galicia and the rest of the Iberian Peninsula or limiting countries. This technology requires much less space and has a faster and simpler assembly than conventional wiring.
In the case of the aluminum cable, it contributes to a wiring of lower cost and also a lower weight, which implies a reduction in consumption and emissions than conventional copper wiring. This wiring can be applied for the current conduction of the battery system of any type of vehicle.

What has the Business Factory Auto (BFA) initiative contributed to the development of the project in?

The Business Factory Auto has provided to us several benefits or advantages, among which we can highlight the training, which was given by professionals of the Sector, the financing that has been dedicated to the obtaining of raw material and tools of work, to the manufacture of the prototypes and to the realization of the tests.

What future expectations does your project-company have after participating in the BFA?

From CABB 16 we hope to offer a productive structure of development and logistics located in Galicia and contribute to provide technical and productive support to electric vehicles. And we also want to keep developing and providing electrical distribution systems optimized for the new generations of vehicles.

Has your project-company already generated employment in Galicia?

Yes, it has. Even though that it is currently focused on prototype development, we have generated employment in several fields, for example: increase in company employees, local machining companies, suppliers of materials and components, test laboratories, etc. 

"The financing of the BFA will be dedicated to the manufacture of the prototypes and to the realization of the tests"
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